Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Advantages of LVT Flooring

Advantages of LVT Flooring

What first comes to mind when you think about floors?

Most people have an idea about the floor being the hardest, cruelest place to be. That could be set to change though, with just the right application of innovation. It is a given that the strongest of floors must be hard packed; that is the guarantee of its strength and durability. But what if it can be just as comfortable too? Wouldn’t that be so nice and fantastic?

What if:

as a company, we can give you the guarantee that we can help you achieve that. You sure want to know how we will get that done and we are so forthcoming with the information ourselves. At Americarpet, we have developed several flooring solutions that would allow you go straight down to the floor after a hard day seeking comfort.  From plush carpets that keeps you cozy and comfortable to the idealistic carpet tiles that will give your living space the very look you want to achieve.

Thinking about a comfortable flooring solution may not be farther away from you than LVT, that is our range of Luxury Vinyl tiles. What makes the Luxury Vinyl tiles floor just the best bet for you is the unique qualities that comes with it. It is not a fancy face on your floor, it also comes with a high level of hardness. This makes it resistance to breakage and scratches. If there is ever a risk of flooding, earthquake or a typhoon, the luxury vinyl tiles flooring leaves you perfectly at ease. It is waterproof and therefore can help you weather out some disastrous situations.

Furthermore, the Luxury Vinyl tiles flooring also comes in a variety of design and material base.

From wood to ceramics, the LVT flooring solution never loses the ability to stay waterproof and elegant all at the same time. It is the perfect example of what you would refer to as beauty and brains. The exquisite look and feel never leaves and yet it still stays waterproof and scratch proof too. The LVT flooring should be the ideal flooring for anyone who has an eye for the beautiful, elegant things in the world.

We don’t just invest in the flooring solutions; we equally invest in the experience of our installation crew.

Over the years, we have come to realize that a fixed floor is only as durable as the experience of the crew that fixed it. Hence, we aggressively invest in the experience of our installation crew. This allows them give their best in fixing you a plush, durable and comfortable floor. If you intend to fix any of our flooring product in a different location, we can recommend a crew within the vicinity that will ensure that your floor is well taken care of.
We give the best, the very best. Not only because that is what is expected of us but because it is the standard we have set for our very self. Visit our store today to get your floor laid out comfortably.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

All about Buying and Maintaining Sisal Carpets and Rugs

All about Buying and Maintaining Sisal Carpets and Rugs

If you are checking out on redecorating or giving a fresh new look to your home, going for sisal
carpets and rugs might be a right option. These are the best carpets from natural fibers that are
great to walk on and adorn your floors too.
The natural fibers of sisal do not have a gassing effect, which is perfect for those who feel
allergic to various fibers. They are non-toxic too, and are definitely helpful in keeping the floors
Knowledge about Sisal Carpets
The Sisal fibers are from East the United States of America
, and the farmers extract these fibers from the plant, which
grows a little longer than three feet. They are strong and on the same lines as jute and wool. That
is why it is in popular use for weaving carpets, and ropes too. Relatively small operation.
Since they are durable and sustainable, people who buy them are actually going in for a long-
term quality asset that adorns their living room floors. The best aspect of the Sisal Carpets and
rugs is that it gets a natural textured look that makes it more appealing.
Besides that, the carpets are ideal for use in places where there is heavy foot traffic. That is the
reason it has been a popular choice in the corridors as runners, and even in living rooms.
However, the carpets require proper care ensuring that they last longer.
How to Maintain Sisal Carpets and Rugs?
In order to have a clean and dust free carpet, regular vacuuming and brushing is essential. This is
not just for sisal but any carpet that is in places like the living room or anywhere in the home will
get dirty.
So how do you clean these Sisal carpets? If you buy natural fiber original sisal carpets, then you
might go for dry cleaning only occasionally. Do not make the mistake of washing it at home like
that of regular woolen or silk rugs.
Moreover, shopping these sisal carpets and rugs from the reputed stores like Americarpet
makes sense. The store has hundreds of sisal samples to compare. The store is located 15 minutes
from Sunny Isles, Aventura, Bal Harbor, Miami Beach and Miami Lakes. 30 minutes from Key
Biscayne, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Dania, Hollywood and Bocca

Condominium Hallways Commercial Carpet Wall to Wall

Condominium Hallways Commercial Carpet Wall to Wall 

When designing a commercial space, carpet is the floor recommended by carpet professionals because of the amount of foot traffic carpet can get on any given day. In hallways of co-ops and condominiums, it is typical to see commercial grade wall-to-wall carpeting used on much of the floors space. Carpeting wall to wall makes the area look more expansive. In addition, since sound bounces like crazy on a floor, it is great for soundproofing which residents really appreciate.Additionally, there is just a “homely” that is unmatched by vinyl or porcelain.In additionDesigns possibilities, patterns and colors are endless.

Commercial carpet quality and design have come a long way. Commercial Carpet for corridors, there are now, unlimited pattern colors & designs because the new equipment in large factories.Commercial carpet wall to wall for condominium hallways are made of print or Solution Dyed nylon. Print is like an apple the color is on the top & white inside solution-dyed nylon is as a carrot the color goes thought the carpet fiber. Good Quality Commercial Carpet can last 15 years or more with proper care 

Nylons can absorb oil and stains quicker than wool blend.Commercial Nylon Carpet can easily be cleaned and stays looking newer longer, thus making it a great choice for commercial FlooringNylon fiber carpets are design specifically to withstand a high level of traffic for several years.