Monday, March 21, 2016


1.) Which is the toughest ?

  - Any type of engineered wood is going to be your best bet for "toughness". For example, heavy furniture will likely leave a dent in "real" hardwood flooring, now, on the other hand- laminate flooring will be able to take the weight. 

2.) So, I live in a high humidity area- which would be best for me?


  - Trust us, we know a thing or two about this "humidity" you speak of- come on we're located in Miami, Florida, it doesn't get much more humid than here in good ole' South Florida. 

  There is a reason why in areas, such as Florida, that hardwood is barely- if at all- sold. The humidity surrounding much of Florida, and the south for that matter, has proven time and again to be the worst enemy of "real deal" hardwood floors. For those who have not had any experience with hardwood in Florida, let me break it down for you- moisture + wood floors = warped floors. No not cool warped like the warped tour tickets your son/daughter/niece/nephew asked you to buy them. We're talking about the kind of warped wood that looks something like this..... 

Like the kids say these days, "it's not a good look". Now, essentially, any type of wood flooring CAN warp. However, real wood is much more prone to warping than, say, laminate flooring. 

3.) I've never heard of Bamboo flooring, you mean, I can really have BAMBOO FLOORING!? 

 - First, yes you can. Second, you should know a few things about this exciting new trend before you turn into this guy, trampling over other customers in the store so excited to get to the ~*Bamboo*~  

- Many of these floors are imported from areas such as, Asia and India. 
- The Pandas are not affected as a result of the harvesting of the Bamboo. As an animal lover myself, I had to pause and wonder, is this taking away from the Pandas environment? As I found from some lengthy research, my conclusion is- no. The bamboo harvested for flooring purposes is grown commercially and fairly quickly, for that matter, allowing for a plentiful amount to be grown. 
- Contrary to what some may think, Bamboo flooring is actually around the same price point as most hardwood floors- between $2-$8. Plus, it adds some class and "zen" to any room! 


Hope this helped to enlighten your floor shopping experience. 

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Launching & Revamping Our New Websites


We are happy to announce that we are revamping and launching our new websites.

Americarpet has been in business for over 30 years and has been very successful. We are extremely happy with our company. Over the years we opened 3 websites for area rugs, our residential website and also our commercial website. Well time has passed and we wanted to give our website a new and updated look! Out residential website we launched it back in December, 2015 and it has never looked better. We are now working on our area rugs and commercial website to launch it very soon! 

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