Friday, December 4, 2015

Removing Broadloom Carpet

If you are planning on replacing that old broadloom carpet and do not want to pay an installer extra money to take out that old carpet than you are going to want to do it yourself, is not hard as long as its not with commercial adhesive! Here are a few things you are going to need.

1. Leather gloves
2. Dust mask 
3. Knee pads
4. Utility knife 
5. Pry bar (at least 15 inches)
6. Large contractor trash bags
7. Floor scraper (optional)
8. Hammer
    9. Adhesive remover 2a 3a 1a

*Fun Fact: If you're putting heavy furniture
 on vinyl or linoleum cut small squares of
carpet to place under the the feet so it wont 
leave marks.  

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