Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Carpet Tile Advantages over Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Your workplace not only needs a carpet, the carpet must be of top quality. A superior quality carpet not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of your office, it also reduces noise and prevents accidents. The most common corporate carpets used the broadloom. As the name suggests, the carpet is woven in a very large loom. They usually come in 12-foot wide large rolls and are installed over a carpet pad. The other type of corporate carpet is the carpet tile. They are modular carpet tile, usually square in shape with an integrated base and backing material.

Carpet tiles are more favored in high traffic commercial applications. There are some obvious advantages of carpet tiles over the traditional broadloom carpets.
  • The design possibilities are endless for a modular carpet. Since they come in square shapes, you can produce a checkerboard effect by quarter tuning the carpets, or you can choose two different types of carpets to produce a unique pattern on the floor. All this, without compromising the functional abilities of the flooring.
  •    Installation of carpet tiles are faster than broadloom carpet.
  •  The carpet tiles are easier to maintain. They can be removed and replaced easily. Thus individual tiles can be removed for cleaning and if one of the tile gets damaged, it can be easily replaced. For broadloom, if one part of the carpet gets damaged, you need to replace the whole carpet.
  • Carpet tiles are more environmental friendly in the sense that they produce less waste during installation than broadloom. There is no underlay material to cut and smaller pieces of cut tiles may be used for other areas in the office.
  • When office carpets are being replaced in occupied offices Carpet tiles are highly functional. In this situation, the workstations and furniture are jacked up to allow the installers to install the tiles underneath.

Thus, in spite of the higher cost and more durability, carpet tiles should be favored over broadloom carpets for commercial applications.  1a.

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