Saturday, May 9, 2015

Commercial LVT floors

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring loosely describes a vinyl-based flooring product that closely mimics the look of a natural material through the realistic images and textures. New technologies have yielded a new product that offers striking visuals and performance attributes that often make it a preferred flooring choice to natural materials like hardwood and stone. 

The characteristics of LVT include the following: 

- Visuals: Luxury vinyl flooring takes on either of two forms: stone (slate, travertine, marble, etc.) or wood. The ability to replicate real hardwood and stone using advanced photographic technologies is LVT's foundation. 

- Shapes: One thing that distinguishes LVT from other types of vinyl flooring is the shape of individual pieces. LVT products are usually square, ranging in size from around 12 x 12 to 24 x 24, but are now available in 12 x 24 rectangular and even hexagonal shapes. Moreover, LVT often imitates wood flooring, it comes in standard plank shapes such as 3 x 36, 4.5 x 36 as well as an extra long and wide 7 x 48 size. 

- Composition: LVT can be composed of virgin vinyl, recycled content or a vinyl/ limestone mixture. Any wood-look LVT will be made of all vinyl. Stone-look LVT might have some stone composition. 

- Construction: LVT construction usually consists of four layers together. From top down: 

    1. Finish: An aluminum oxide, urethane or ceramic-based layer prevents light scratching. 
    2. Clear film: This layer protects against rips and tears. 
    3. Design layer: This is the photo-realistic print of stone or wood. 
    4. Core: The bottom layer gives the product structure and solidity. 

Ease of maintenance: LVT is basically completely resistant to spills 
- scratch and stain resistant 
- Durability: 15-20 years of commercial durability. 
- There is usually a 10 year commercial warranty on LVT flooring 

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