Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to clean your commercial carpet.

This is a fairly popular topic of discussion in the carpet world, questions such as "how many times should I vacuum and clean my commercial carpet" and "what's the best method for cleaning my commercial carpet" or "what kind of maintenance does my commercial carpet need" have all been posed a multitude of times, now we are going to inform you about how to maintain your carpet looking its best.
There is no debate that one should vacuum their carpets at least once a week. Considering that we encounter dirt, dust and other unwanted particles from our air conditioning systems and from our parking lots. Thus making it that much more important that we vacuum to lift up those dust and dirt particles that enter inside our offices. When it comes to allergy season we are surrounded by pollen. Plus, by vacuuming regularly you're also doing yourself the favor by keeping your carpets that much cleaner. 

Now, when it comes to cleaning print dyed carpet and carpet tiles  our best recommendation is to go with the dry cleaning method. Carpet tiles are individual squares which are glued to the floor, a steam clean would be detrimental to the glue holding the tiles to the floor. What happens as a result of a steam clean with carpet tiles is, the water from the steam works its way into the seams in between the carpet tiles resulting in the degradation of the carpet tile glue. A major benefit to dry cleaning your commercial carpets is the drying time. The dry cleaning method calls for using your chemical of choice, of which will destroy any soil it comes in contact with and the carpets will be ready for use almost instantly! 

On the other hand, the steam cleaning method can be handy for your typical broadloom, wall-to-wall solution dyed nylon and olefin carpets . The reason being, the method is a stronger, the detergent and  pressure work wonderfully on dirty carpets, and lighter color carpets. The drying time is usually 24 hours without traffic to dry well and be ready to endure foot traffic.
Typically your commercial carpet should be cleaned every six months to a year; it all depends on how soiled your carpets are. How much traffic your carpet endures and how dirty the carpet looks.

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