Saturday, February 21, 2015

Floor buying guidelines!

Below are some tips to make your floor shopping experience the most enjoyable one.


- Have a rough idea of how many square feet you're trying to cover. Many times here at Americarpet we have clients come in and want a price, but they don't know the size of the area. Without this we can only give you a ballpark figure. Of course, when this happens we will gladly go to the job site and measure.

- Understand that with all carpet there might be a little variation of shade from what you see on the sample to what you actually get. Most, if not all factories are consistent in their color, but since the end result of adding color is called “dye lot” and not “replicate lot” there is chance for a small color shift.

- Buy more than what you need. The actual percentage varies depending on the product, but it usually is about 7%. This is especially useful if in the future you need to replace some damaged areas. Spend more now and less later.

- Realize that if you need a large area rug we can actually order regular carpet and cut it to size and bind it. This method is more time effective then custom ordering a large rug, which would have to be hand-made.


- Expect your purchase to arrive here by next day. Most places do not carry many things in stock. If you need something TODAY then call ahead of time and ask the business if they have those items in stock. Furthermore, don't expect it to arrive in a day. Driving, even for professionals such as truckers, take time. We will usually have your goods within 4 business days.

- Be surprised when you can't find the same piece of tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate, etc you bought 5 years ago. Fashion and styles are ever changing, and therefore so are flooring products. Chances are you are looking for only a bit of flooring to replace a damaged area: speaking from experience, you will most likely not find it and will have to settle.

- Most factories will not ship through UPS or Fedex when it comes to an order. This means that if you need only 40 sq. ft. of synthetic grass, carpet, hardwood, etc the store will have to add a freight charge. Depending on the good this will add and estimated $50-$100 to the order. When you buy less it costs more.

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