Saturday, January 31, 2015

A few tips on keeping warm during #blizzardof2015

Brrr! With the Blizzard 2015 covering most of the North East many of us are wondering, how do I keep my house warm without breaking the bank? I don't know about the rest of you guys out there but these past few days have been down right COLD here in Miami. So,I've decided to share a few pointers we've found around the we just to share with you!

- Have your home professionally insulated. By pulling a DIY job with your insulation you're running the risk of having a shotty job done, ultimately, leaving you still feeling "chilly".

- Keep unused rooms closed. By keeping these doors closed it'll allow for the warm air to remain in a concentrated area.

- If you have a stationary heater, put a shelf on top of the heater forcing the heat to stay low to the ground rather than allowing the heat  to rise.

- During the brightest hours of the day, let the sun in! Take as much advantage of the *free* heat as possible!

- Even while at home, wear socks! Keeping your feet warm will help to keep the rest of you warm!!

Although we are in the generally warm part of the country. Us tropical folks aren't used to having these temperatures that plunge lower than 60 degrees!! What madness is this! Additionally, it is always better to have carpet if you're dealing with cold. The materials used, such as wool, are great at capturing the cold!

This is where having carpeting will be one of the best choices you have EVER made. As compared to porcelain tile carpeting will better capture the cold and ultimately keep you and yours warm. Whereas, any tile will remain cool and as the weather cools, so will your tile.

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