Monday, August 18, 2014

What About Carpet

Carpets and rugs have been around us for millennia, an important commodity that bring to us the warmth and softness in our living spaces, and the opportunity to express a personal touch in environmental and visual design.  Today’s homes and working places have choices of floor coverings driven by activity, practicality, maintenance and cost. Given the tendencies to improve the quality of our lives in a world flooded with uncensored information, carpets have acquired in my view, a less than fair overview of their characteristics and features.
Carpets by their own nature are just textiles made of fibers either braided, woven or loomed. We have come a long way in the technology to manufacture these items, and now we enjoy large spaces with beautiful repeated patterns in resilient natural and synthetic fibers as well as exquisite hand-made works of art.

As any other porous material, carpets will get dirty by exposure to their environment but especially by the enduring traffic above them. Now we see the importance of the proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets, and above that, the choice of color and type of carpet. Carpets come in all colors and a myriad of pattern designs to please just about everyone, and in a wide range of qualities to suit the activities at home and the working environments. There are several ways to hold the fibers in place by knots and glues, and synthetic latex without proteins is used in most cases with very good results.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the fiber hairs the softer the carpet would feel, but the shorter the fiber and tighter the weave makes for a stronger and more resilient carpet such as for commercial applications. The same is true for the carpet padding, where density is more important than thickness for walking comfort and carpet durability. Although carpets are not manufactured with harmful chemicals since 1978, an unattended carpet will accumulate any particles and spillage as any article of clothing made with natural or synthetic fibers.

Contrary to popular belief, mold is not a carpet issue but moisture is. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning according to the carpet manufacturer should be sufficient to upkeep a carpet for the intended use according to its warranty. This means that the product has been made and tested for a “normal environment” with the expected air circulation and relative humidity. Any carpet or textile that is moist or wet will favor the growth of mold, bacteria and pathogens; so avoiding the retention of water or any other liquid within the carpet and padding is key for a healthy environment and the carpet durability. Better quality padding comes into play here since they are waterproof and help with spill accidents or steam cleaning.

Selecting the appropriate color and grade of your carpet and padding should be the first consideration for your comfort and secondly, the installation should be done by professionals who know by experience and practice, and can advise you for the best return on your investment.

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