Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Thing That Adds Value to Carpet

When it comes to adhesives, exactly how do premium products add value to installations?  What are the specific attributes that make these adhesives better than others?  What functions should they or shouldn't they perform?

Many companies and installers are looking only at price when bidding on a job, they don't understand that, in the long run, a premium adhesive is going to save them money.  Most premium adhesives will spread better, set up better and perform at a higher standard than  the lower quality adhesives.

Different adhesives are designed to work with various products, different types of carpet backing, substrates and problems that surface in regard to the environment.  Top of the line adhesives address specific problems and are true to their names.

When working with patterns and high traffic areas, premium adhesive is a must.  We do not want to have any failures because we used the wrong or cheap adhesive.

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