Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why Host Dry Cleaning System is Better than Steam Cleaning

Why Host Dry Cleaning System is Better than Steam Cleaning

How HOST Works In Your Home or Business

HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaner is a soft, natural product that is environmentally responsible and works in much the same way as an ordinary kitchen sponge. Just like you would use a sponge to wipe up a spill, or to wash and absorb dirt from a counter or wall, HOST is used to wash and absorb dirt from your carpet fibers. As with using a kitchen sponge, you want to limit the amount of water you use while cleaning. Think of the carpet pile as a vertical surface, like a wall. If you use too much liquid, it will run down the yarn toward the carpet backing, just as too much liquid runs down a wall. If you allow this dissolved dirt to run down the backing, it can be more difficult to remove and can wick back.
Because HOST is a dry carpet cleaning system it carries the liquid ingredients to the carpet fibers in a controlled way. The soft, organic, natural HOST SPONGES contain all the necessary liquid to dissolve and absorb both water based and oil based dirt. It’s moistened with water and a blend of environmentally friendly ingredients. And because HOST is a low moisture cleaning system, when you’re finished cleaning, the carpet is dry and ready to use immediately.

Chemical and mechanical action is required to break the oil bond and pull the dirt away from the carpet fibers. Then this loosened dirt must be removed. HOST is formulated to dissolve both types of dirt and then to absorb it. HOST cleaning doesn’t leave a sticky residue to cause rapid resoiling. A trace of SPONGES may remain in the carpet after vacuuming but it is not abrasive or harmful. This trace amount of SPONGES will be removed with subsequent vacuumings. It’s that simple! 1a 2a

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The Cleaning Process

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Luxury Vinyl Tile / LVT Floors

Luxury vinyl tile, which are so true to the natural material, you will have to feel and touch to know that it’s vinyl. Here are some of the types of floors that LVT can be installed right over:
  • Concrete, terrazzo, and other dry, structurally sound monolithic subfloors on all grade levels
  • Existing resilient floorings
  • Suspended wood subfloor construction, with approved wood underlayments
  • Certain metals
  • LVT is for Indoor use only.

Combining wood and stone looks in your own personal design can net some exciting results and test YOUR creativity. It’s just plain fun to come up with a one-of-a-kind floor that’s built for easy care and maintenance. Bonus rooms, dens, kitchens, family rooms…the applications are worth imagining.  In Surfaces Las Vegas 2014 Flooring Convention we saw many brands like Mannington & Bliss.  Come to our store too see the latest in Luxury Vinyl Tile

The pictures included with this article are testament to that. And, it is vividly apparent that the tones, textures and visuals are all inspired from the natural world around us. Here are a few more of the product features definitely worth mentioning:
  • The natural wood graining and color variations clearly convey each “wood’s” true character
  • The stone collection features natural surface characteristics and color variations that give it depth and realism
  • Playful colors, colored stone and graphic patterns all mix well for truly innovative floor designs
  • Embossed visuals convey textures inherently found in hardwood and natural stone
  • All tiles and planks feature beveled edges
  • It is hard to scratch
  • LVT will not bubble up with high humidity or water
  • Some of the newest tiles require no glue for installation
  • LVT are very good for use in common areas like offices, hallways, bathrooms and all residential use.

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