Saturday, November 30, 2013

Latest Innovations - Porcelain Tile Trends

  Thin tile technology for flooring has come a long way and is now gaining traction in the U.S marketplace.  The benefits for flooring are noteworthy insofar as large formats require little grouting and offer easy installation, and thin tiles can be installed over existing flooring for remodeling.  With the low water absorption and high mechanical performance of porcelain, it is a great solution for exterior and wet areas as well.

  No longer are tiles just flat on the wall or floor.  They have depth and movement to them.  Advanced inkjet technology and glazes are delivering new interpretations of color, including deep blacks and pure whites, chilled out cool tones, contrasting red and metallics.

  Another trend worth noting is the ability of tile flooring to transition between indoor and outdoor spaces in a way that no other flooring has the capability to do.

 What's old is new again.  What's exciting about the new vintage looks is the extent to which the designs are re-imagined for today's modern lifestyles.  Wood tile doesn't have to necessarily   look like, a new wood floor plank; it can be pushed to look like distressed or reclaimed wood.  Vintage patterns don't have to retain their classic colors; they can be presented in trending color palettes.

  Stone and natural looks are really trending in tile.  The advantages for flooring beyond price and accessibility are impressive.  For wet and high traffic areas, tile offers long-term durability and anti-slip features that stone cannot match.  From opulent to sophisticated, and from matte finish to highly polished, these high tech stone look-alikes are stunning, high performance tile flooring options.

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