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Why Wool is Different than Synthetic ?

Why Wool is Different than Synthetic ?
Wool is completely natural.  Sheep run on grass and grow a fiber that is naturally renewable.  Synthetics are primarily made from petroleum which contributes to the depletion of our natural resources.  The energy used to shear transport and scou
r wool into clean, white fiber is one-third to one-sixth less than to produce synthetic fiber.
Wool is naturally stain resistant.  Synthetic s require additional anti-soil agents.
Wool carpets improve indoor air quality by absorbing contaminants, such as formaldehyde and locking them irreversibly in its structure without re-releasing them.  Synthetics remove contaminants from the air at 1/2 the rate of wool and re-emit them more readily.
Wool is naturally health-giving, worry free and beautiful.  Synthetic benefits must be engineered into the fiber.
Features of Wool Carpets 
- Natural and environmentally friendly
- Durable, yet soft to the touch and confortable
- Long-lasting luxurious beauty and permanent color
- Safe and Naturally Fire Resistant
- Non-allergenic and improves air quality
- Easy to mantain

Wool is a fiber that is the benchmark to which all other fiber are compared.

Myths and Truths about Wool Carpet
MYTH: Insect-Resist treatment of wool carpet is harmful
TRUTH: Insect-resist agents are harmless to humans and pets.  Only small amounts are applied and have no VOC effect on air quality,
MYTH: Synthetic carpets are easier to clean
TRUTH: Wool releases soil more readily than man-made fibers, naturally due to the complexity of the fiber.
MYTH: Lanolin is the property that makes wool resist stains
TRUTH: 99.5% of the Lanolin is removed during the scouring process.  Lanolin is grease and attracts soil.
MYTH: Photobleaching is common in wool carpets
TRUTH: Photobleaching (color change/fade when exposed to light) is not common but occasionally happens.  
The dye color is not affected, only the natural yellow pigment of the wool.  Once exposed to light the color stabilizes and does not keep changing.  Hidden areas such as under furniture will appear yellow until exposed to sunglight, at which time the yellow will ultimately disappear.

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