Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Choose an Area Rug

There are many good reasons why Area Rugs should be in each room.  They are practical, have cushioning, add comfort and warmth to concrete, tile, laminate or wood floors.  They also provide an artistic touch to any room design.  Considered artwork for the floors, which acts like a frame, size is very important and is usually a big concern for the homeowner to create that well-balanced space.

Designers say start with the area rug.  After you choose the area rug you can pick out paint for your walls and find throw pillows and paintings and sculptures to complete the decoration.  Just follow this rule of thumb:  The area rug should be a min. of 6 in. and no more than 2 ft. away from the wall.  When taking in to consideration different uses, shapes and designs, everything weighs in and factors as well.

Less is more in spaces or entrances the open to rooms or stairways.  The width should either match the door space or be a few inches less -  not longer.  If you are using a round area rug in a larger foyer, center it under the light fixture.  In a hallway, stretch the length to fill the space, leave even spaces on both ends for balance. If you place any furniture in the hallway keep it off the rug.

For the home office, perhaps in the corner of a bedroom and it should be like a cocoon.  Choose a rug that fits the table and chair to create a warm space where it will feel warm to walk.  For practicality reasons this prevents the chair from dragging  over the carpet edges.

A rug should be the focal point in a room.  You can use two rugs to create separate living area in big rooms. Be sure area rugs extend at least under the first set of legs on sofas or chairs.   For rugs being placed in front of the couch, it should run the same width (or a little longer) than the couch.

In the dining room  designers suggest centering the furniture over the rug and choosing a rug that fits the shape of the table.

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