Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moda Carpet Custom Colors

Custom Color Availability

Moda can custom dye any of its products to the color or shade that your home interior demands. That color can be chosen not only from the colors in any moda product but in any color you may find in carpet, paint, fabric, etc.

We will custom match your color sample in the moda product you choose and provide a color swatch in that quality that matches your color. This process takes a few days but is simple and a feature moda provides many customers each and every week.

After your selection and approval of the color swatch, your moda carpet will be produced in the same timely and efficient manner as normal production without sacrificing anything in quality or performance.

MODA and the environment

Moda’s approach to manufacturing is one based on environmental responsibility. We address conservation, sustainability, and reclamation issues in each and every step of the manufacturing process.

Moda produces high performance, classic designs that enhance your home’s interior for many years. The strongest contribution that can be made by a company is to provide product that lasts longer and performs well, thereby reducing the long-term impact on the environment. Moda produces only products of this nature.

At various stages of our manufacturing process we incorporate the use of recycled water, energy efficient servomotors and low emission burners to address our constant goal of conserving resources and reducing waste.

MODA carpets get GREENER

Moda is pleased to announce effective immediately every Moda carpet contains post consumer recycled content. The percentage of this recycled content will vary from style to style.

We continue to strive to offer you the finest performing, most fashionable and best engineered products in the marketplace. We believe the best “environmental” statement that any company can make is to offer long lasting durable, sustainable product. Every yard Moda produces is manufactured in this spirit.

Our use of post consumer recycled material in every yard is but another added benefit to step up to Moda for your floor covering needs.

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