Saturday, January 5, 2013



·         The Host Dry-Clean Machine simply plugs in and is ready to use.

·         Apply Host Sponges, Brush In, Let Dry & Vacuum Up

Ease of Use
·         Large machine with multiple Attachments

·         Requires filling and emptying tanks,

·         Chemical Mixing Required.

·         Improper use could result in streaking and over-wetting of carpets.

·         Deep Cleans and lifts matted pile in one easy step.

·         Spots won’t stick back.

·         No Stick Residue to cause resoiling.

·         Immediate visual results confirm carpet cleanliness.

·         If needed, multiple passes over heavily soiled carpet areas can be made.


·          Detergent Reidue and moisture may cause carpets to resoil quickly.

·         Spots may wick back when carpet is dry (and after extraction machine has been returned)

·         Repeated cleaning or multiple passes on any carpet may result in damage from over-wetting.

·         Ready to vacuum up in less than one hour.

·         No need for furniture protectors.

·         Walk on your carpet during and immediately after cleaning.

Drying Time
·         Extraction Method introduces damaging and unwanted humidity in your home.

·         Carpet may take 8-36 hours to dry.

·         Rooms are unusalble till dry.

·         May require fan to dry.

·         Shown to reduce allergens.

·         Never any damage from shrinkage, over wetting or mold or mildew

·         Recommended for all types of carpeting including oriental rugs, wool, sisal, jute and other natural fibers.


·         Must avoid over-wetting, which may cause mold and mildew or shrinkage.

·         Hot water extaction machines and cleaning products are not recommended for use with natural fiber rugs,

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