Saturday, October 27, 2012

Commercial Carpet Fibers Comparisons

The polypropolene/olefin fiber would not be my first choice. It has an affinity for oily soils also it is very hard to clean . I will avoid this fiber for restaurants,
hallways , heavy traffic areas . I will use in a moderate traffic office.
the only good olefin in carpets is the one scoured and extracted by Krauss.

My choice for heavy traffic carpet for hallways will be the standard 36 oz solution
dyed nylon 1/10. this construction will last for several years in good shape with
proper maintenance and cleaning (at least once a week vacuum and Host dry cleaning)
this carpet the color goes through the fiber. (like a carrot)

Also if you want more intricate designs and patterns you will have to choose
36 oz print dye nylon (like an apple) this are good carpets but you have
high maintenance and avoid bleach or highly concentrated cleaners usually
for commercial use marble and porcelain because the carpet will loose it colors.

the wool/nylon blend 80/20 will be the best for extra heavy use like casinos.


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