Saturday, April 14, 2012

Many people feel that since hard flooring is… well, hard… that it’s a more
sanitary surface since there is no place for the dust to settle. And this is
true. But if you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, this is really bad
news.The very ‘complaint’ that people have about carpeting is actually
its best characteristic: The fact that it has soft and fuzzy fibers make it act
like a filter or a sink. It traps and holds all of the junk and contaminants we
haul in to our homes on our clothing and shoes.Hard floors cannot do
that. The dust (a lot of which is dust mite do-do) has nowhere to land so it’s
constantly airborne and being breathed in.In fact, one way to prove that
to you is to watch the air in a home when the sun is shining through a window.
With clean, carpeted surfaces, you see some dust in the air, but not much. In a
home with hard floors, you see much more dust because there is less surface in
the home that holds onto dust.Even if your vacuum doesn't have a good
filter bag, these dust-mite allergens disappear from the air about 20 minutes
after vacuuming. This is because they are heavy enough that they’ve settled back
down into the carpet. And if the vacuum uses micro-filtration bags or if it has
a HEPA filter, the allergens are efficiently removed before even becoming
airborne during vacuuming. 2a