Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SuSun and Ultraviolet light that occurs with it can be very damaging to flooring
materials. UV light is also emitted from florescent ceiling lighting. The
constant bombardment on a daily basis from the sun and UV light can fade
flooring materials, dry them out, cause them to warp, crack, decompose, degrade
and literally burn up. Even if there is a UV inhibitor in the flooring material
or on the windows, nature will prevail over the long run.Sun and UV
light will have more damaging effect to the flooring material from direct
exposure.For example, in front of a sliding glass door the sun will be most
intense and will cause the greatest amount of damage or at the base of floor to
ceiling windows. As for the effect on color; red is the most influenced and will
have the least resistance to sun and UV unless, relative to carpet, it is dyed
with automotive type dyes, or protective coverings are on windows. If there is
no UV inhibitor in the carpet fiber, which occasionally can happen, sunlight
will actually cause the fiber to completely decompose almost to a dust. n and UV damage to floors 2a

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