Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Floor Fashions

It’s time to talk about the trends shaping the color palettes for 2012 and 2013. Working closely with Color Marketing Group International provides great insight as to what designers are seeing across the country as to color “drivers”.

1. “The Good Old Days”
The post World War II era represented a period of growth and patriotism for Americans. Happier times and bluer skies are associated with the colors from that time. With positive associations tied to them, colors popular from the 1940’s through the l960’s are selectively reappearing in the coming palette.

2. “Eco-Friendly Lifestyle”
We’ve already established that personal recycling and preserving the earth’s natural resources are high-priority choices for most Americans. Now a lifestyle (rather than a trend), colors will reflect our commitment to sustainability. Natural hues in their purest form will influence the new color palette. Aqueous blues, botanical greens, earthy browns will anchor the palette and convey the “green” message.

3. “Caution and Care”
We are barraged daily with economic news that is enough to make you want to hide your head in the sand. Hard-working Americans are not to blame for the economic messes our country needs to clean up, but just the same, politicians are laying the sacrifices to be made on our shoulders. No wonder there is such low consumer confidence. No wonder the stock market has resembled an out-of-control roller coaster for weeks on end. And no wonder we are searching for colors that will stabilize our psyche and give us some comfort. Beautiful, tailored shades of gray will be a staple in the color palette for that very reason. It is just the prescription we are looking for as we swing towards conservatism on all fronts.

4. “A Global Perspective”
Most of us are proficiently cruising the internet on a daily basis. We are also devouring HGTV programs with a vengeance. With that said, we are being exposed to color like never before. Global fashions, exotic destinations, luxury interior designs are all available to us now. Because of that, we have developed an appetite for stronger colors. The new color palette will be a genuine mix of safe, comfort colors, punctuated with these global stunners.

5. “The Affordable Luxury”
So maybe we aren’t “trading up” our homes, or buying new cars every two years. Maybe the wardrobe has to last a little longer, and our vacations are closer to home. But we can afford a can of paint or a bolt of fabric, and that means our luxury du jour is COLOR!!! The immense satisfaction we get from surrounding ourselves with a new color goes a long way in making us feel happy. Color in times of stress and economic down-turns is a huge refuge for all of us. So roll up your sleeves, put down those drop cloths, and create something colorful!

That’s where we are headed as to the key color drivers for 2012 and 2013. If you had any doubt that color trends reflect exactly what is happening in our lives, our country, our world, we (CMG) can safely attest to the fact that color is historically the mirror of our society. We are headed for better times (albeit ever so slowly), but we can start the process ourselves, at home, with paint brush in hand.

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