Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Carpet Style

Color Marketing Group International recently hosted a successful West Coast color forecast meeting in Irvine, California. The stunning twelve colors decided on by the design professionals in attendance will make their debut in 2012 and 2013. Now that’s exciting stuff in itself, getting twenty-five creative opinions to come to a consensus. But even more stunning is the fact that 80% of the final colors projected paralleled those forecasted at the New York City regional meeting just a week earlier—especially since attendees on either side of the country had not shared any prior research or projections. What that proves is that CMG’s processes work and produce valid results—nationally!

I can’t tip my hand to clue you in on those projected colors just yet, but I can tell you that one design-conscious carpet mill is on to something with the color palette of two new products. That would be Shaw/Tuftex and the carpet styles are “Rush Hour” and “Tumbling Dice”. First of all, I love the product names. You have no idea how difficult it is to appropriately name carpets and colors. To describe “Rush Hour”, picture an aerial photograph of city streets forming an imperfect perpendicular grid. Shaw Tuftex Tumbling Dice - Apricot Passion
It reads ‘softly contemporary’ with its cut/uncut loop patterned look. “Tumbling Dice” is also a cut/uncut loop, constructed in tiny squares (yes, exactly the shape and size of dice). It, too, is a subtle pattern that can satisfy a number of design styles.

It’s the color palette shared by these two products that brought me to feature them in this blog. Tuftex has long been a leader in color technology and fashion-forward palettes. “Rush Hour” and “Tumbling Dice” continue that legacy. They share a palette of 24 livable colors. The three blues featured are green based, hitting the light, medium and dark range. Half the palette is dedicated to interesting neutrals that are bound to complement a huge percentage of interior color schemes. Add to that colors like Riverbank and Sleek Suede, and you can picture how browns were interpreted. One of my favorite colors in the palette is Apricot Passion. It validates one of the key color drivers identified by CMG (colors that identify closely with health and well being). Flower Pot is the strongest color in the palette, looking exactly as it sounds (a new twist on terra cotta).

Shaw Tuftex Rush Hour - Flower PotDefinitely worth a good long look if you are searching for new carpet, these two styles represent a winning roll of the dice. Just as important as the aesthetics is the fiber system. Both are constructed of StainMaster ExtraBody II Ecosoft nylon fiber. This is an interesting combination of regular 6.6 nylon fiber with a bio-based nylon derived from castor beans (a high-yielding, renewable resource harvested annually). Tuftex uses is a dual extrusion process that produces a nylon fiber with exceptional strength and improved fiber bulk. Now that’s quite a story! I’d say hats off to Tuftex Carpet Mills for delivering something unique AND beautiful for the soft floor covering market.

This article was taken directly from http://floortalk.wfca.org/. Americarpet carries Shaw, Tuftex and several other brands here, including the specific designs mentioned in the article. Visit us at www.americarpetfloors.com, www.americarpetcommercial.com, www.stylishrugs.com 2a

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