Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sphinx Options - Reversible Rugs

Change your decor at the flip of a rug

Area rugs have always been essential to completing the look of a room, but never before has it been so quick and easy to modify the feel of your space.

From a traditional design perfect for your next dinner party, to a fun, casual pattern for everyday living. Options gives you twice the design possibilities in one incredibly soft, hand-tufted wool rug. A revolutions in area rugs is here. One rug, double the fashion... You have Options.
  • Personalize your home for any season, mood or occasion with the simple flip of a rug.
  • Coordinating colors tie together the styling and contrasting designs offer versatility in each piece, allowing both sides to enhance the surrounding decor.
  • Textures, such as contrasting loop and pile and hand-carved details, add interest to many of the patterns.
  • Options rugs are handcrafted of 100% wool. Options Sylk rugs are handcrafted of wool with accents of faux silk for an elegant appearance and luxurious hand.
Sizes available
2'3" x 8' - 3'6" x 5'6" - 5'8" - 8' x 11' - 10' x 13'

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

There are two types of Armstrong vinyl flooring. These are Vinyl Sheet and Vinyl Tile. You can purchase Armstrong vinyl flooring sheets in sizes of both 6 and 12 feet widths. Vinyl sheet flooring also may have one of two backings. These are felt and fiberglass. Felt backed vinyl flooring is the most popular choice and the fiberglass backing offers greater cushion to the floor.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring
It is important to know the difference between the two backings because each backing has its own installation procedures. Vinyl sheet flooring has a protective top coating of Urethane that makes the floor highly durable and resistant to scratching and scuffing.

Along with the Urethane layer, there is also a protective clear vinyl layer that protects the floor against ripping. However, it is still a good idea to use protective pads for the legs of your furniture and to limit high heel shoes on the floor.

You will find that Armstrong vinyl flooring sheets are a wonderful addition to any room, and since flooring is a vital component of your homes decor, that vinyl flooring will bring out the best of your decorating scheme, that you will want to avoid using sheeting on stairs. However, due to the fact that vinyl sheeting uses a water repellant, it is perfectly suitable for use in your bathroom and kitchens, two rooms that homeowners often have a problem with.

Due to the high humidity and water levels, choosing flooring may be a difficult task for these rooms, but this is not the case when it comes to vinyl sheeting. Using a thick sheeting, such as 65 mils and higher, is a great way to ensure the longevity and beauty of your flooring.Some things to look out for when using vinyl sheeting include the fact that thin vinyl sheeting is more prone to ripping and tearing. Therefore you should opt for the thicker sheets. If you are not experienced at do it yourself projects, you may want to hire a contractor to install the flooring for you. Vinyl sheeting installation is not as simple as installing a laminate floor and will require the preparation of your subfloor (underlayment) and seams will need to be sealed.

Vinyl Tile
The other type of Armstrong vinyl flooring is vinyl tile. Vinyl tile is designed in a similar fashion to vinyl sheeting however, it is much simpler to install. Vinyl tile consists of the first layer, the Protective Wear layer that is fashioned from Urethane.

The Urethane coating protects the floor from scratching and also makes it very easy to clean. This is different from vinyl that has not protective coating, and Urethane coated vinyl is durable and easy to maintain. You can also purchase Enhanced Urethane Vinyl tiles for even greater durability and strength. The next layer of tile Armstrong vinyl flooring is the protective clear film. This adds more strength and helps protect the floor from additional gouging. The next layer is what adds the beauty and realism to the vinyl tile. Using advanced photographic techniques; the tile displays a beautiful array of designs and patterns. Some tiles feature a wood grain pattern while others may have an intricately arranged ceramic tile design.

Colors, styles, and designs abound and choices are virtually endless when choosing vinyl tiles. The final layer of vinyl tiles is the backing. The backing may come in various layers of thickness. Generally, the thicker the backing of the tile, the stronger and more durable the floor will be.

You can install vinyl tiles in every room, but due to the excessive water usage and high humidity in bathrooms, you should take extra care to ensure that the floor is well sealed.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cork Tiles

Cork is made from ground up outer bark of the Cork Oak. It is considered an environmentally friendly product. Cork Oak has two layers of bark, the 2nd outer layer is for protection and can be removed without harming the tree. The inside layer becomes the outer layer and is then removed in the next harvest. Many other trees will die if their bark is removed. The Cork Oak should not be confused with the “cork trees“. The Cork Oak is the only one used for the production of cork.

Cork is made of tiny cells that are full of air. Over 50% of the volume of cork is air. This cell structure is responsible for some of the unique and useful properties of cork. Cork is lightweight, porous, buoyant, absorbs sound, is a good insulator, highly compressible, resistant to moisture, a low thermal conductor, stable and resilient.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits it is also chemically inert and reasonably priced. Using high heat and great pressure cork shavings are able to be fused together into tiles with no binders or chemicals whatsoever. It is often sold as is and is then finished with a protective coating by the installer.

Uses for Cork
There are many uses for cork. Two of the obvious uses that one thinks of is of course corkboards and wine stoppers.

Commercial and residential flooring are two more popular uses for cork. It is also suitable for wall finishing. Classrooms, libraries, museums, auditoriums, hospitals and anywhere else where cork’s ability to absorb sound, it’s durability and the ease of it’s maintenance is beneficial. When intended as flooring, cork is usually treated with several coats of polyurethane. This can be done prior to installation or afterwards. It is usually applied by the installers or it can be purchased from the manufacturer pre-treated.

Cork tile for flooring and walls comes in many vibrant colors and shades. It can be glued over concrete, wood and many other existing floors. It is also available with an interlocking system that can be installed without adhesive.

Properly treated and installed cork tiles will last for many years. Wear and tear from normal use can be maintained by screening and reapplying the polyurethane coating. This should be done by professionals to insure satisfactory results. Make sure that whoever you hire is experienced with cork tile re-finishing.

Cork is also used as a tile adhesive and rubber cork underlay. It can be used to reduce sound from traveling to lower levels of property. Cork tiles are often installed as insulation. Cork’s buoyancy makes it an ideal material for life preservers, fishing rod handles and floating boat key chains.

Possible Problems in Use of Cork
Due to cork being a natural wood product, shades of individual tiles are naturally varied. Exposure to sunlight and UV rays over time will cause fading. In addition the cork will become brittle and frail. Prolonged or excessive exposure to moisture can cause the binder to deteriorate and eventually break down and crumble. This is more common when a wax-based binder is used.

In high traffic areas, abrasion will occur over time. This is especially true when the protective polyurethane coating has worn off. Dirt and grime left on the floor increases this abrasiveness. The porous property of cork makes it naturally prone to staining.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately with water and mild soap. The use of certain cleaners will contribute to the further deterioration of cork tile flooring. Ammonia and hydroxide-based cleaners will damage cork. Solvents, abrasive and caustic cleaners should never be used.

Prevention of Damage
Casters and gliders should be used under furniture, felt and rubber pads are recommended. Although cork flooring is kinder to our feet and posture for long periods of standing, high heels will dent cork and really should be avoided for any extended length of time.

[Americarpet - Truth be told, cork flooring is one of my favorite type of floors, if not my favorite. When put underneath the foot there is a certain feel and warmth (not to be confused with heat) other floors cannot replicate.]

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