Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Maintain Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile requires very little maintenance, which is what attracts many homeowners to use it. If you follow a few of these Do’s and Don’ts your ceramic tile can keep is shiny and smooth look for many years to come.

• In very soiled areas use a cleaner that is made specifically for ceramic tile.
• Clean tile with a damp sponge. (A very small amount of soapless detergent in warm water only)
• In the event you do use a cleaner make sure it is non-acidic, non-alkaline and a neutral base.
• Wipe the surface softly, never scrubbing as this will scratch the tile and ruin the finish.

• Don’t use soap (it will leave a film on the finish) • Use harsh cleaners (these will scratch the tile)
• Use scrub brushes
• Do not use bleach as a cleaner as this will begin to eat away at the finish • Wear rough or hard sole shoes on the tile if at all possible, this too may scratch it.

Other Tips
The grout will need to be re-grouted and sealed again. This will help protect your tile from mold. To do this; you simply need to clean out grout joints and apply a silicone or water based sealer. If you are re-grouting, be sure to keep a wet cloth with you to wipe away the excess quickly so it does not dry and damage the tile.

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