Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview With a Flooring Expert: Choosing a Wood Floor

Trevor Hilditch has worked in flooring for nearly 40 years. Now he manages Earth, Wood and Stone, which specialises in natural products. Here he offers his advice on choosing a wood floor.

Q: Where should someone who is thinking about installing a wood floor start?
A: "You need to think about which type of wood you want. There is such a range – going right across the spectrum from walnuts that are nearly black through to extremely pale maples and beeches."

Q: Which are the most popular woods these days?
A: "The single most popular wood in the UK is oak. This is because English Oak was traditionally used in buildings and people like to be able to match their floors to existing timbers or beams. Any European Oak you buy will be of the same species. American Oak is something completely different though."

Q: Are people also interested in the grain of a particular wood?
A:" Yes they are. Some wood will have a lot of knots or figuring in it and that might be something they particularly like."

Q: So the best thing is to talk to an expert such as yourself for guidance in these areas?
A: "That is important. But I would say the single most important thing to do before you buy is to look at the wood you think you want in an installation. Go along to a show room or to someone’s house where there is the same wood – and see how it looks. You need to get a feel for it within a room or space and to be reassured it looks as you would want it to look."

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