Friday, April 2, 2010

Sisal and Seagrass Area Rugs

Natural Fiber Floorcoverings – Sisal and Seagrass

Of all the natural fiber materials, sisal and seagrass are the most widely used and well known.

To spruce up your home for spring or summer, try changing out your area rugs to sisal or seagrass. This will lighten and brighten your home for the spring and summer months. You can even use area rugs over your existing wall to wall carpet. There are many different patterns within each category of natural floorcoverings, including colors other than the natural color.

These products can be installed wall to wall, (seams are very noticeable and are simply a characteristic of the product and are to be expected) area rugs and even on stairs. They can also be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens provided water is not continuously splashed and left standing.

For installation on stairs, the longitudinal weave must be 90 degrees to the riser and fixed securely. This installation is more labor intensive and may cost more to complete.

clip-image009-thumb.jpgMost natural fiber floor coverings can be installed by gluing directly to the floor or with padding. It is important to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines before making these decisions.

The beauty of these products being installed as area rugs is the different binding options that can be used. These products can be bordered with fabric, leather, and many other textile choices.

The latex backing makes these products easy to care for because the latex prevents the build up of dirt underneath. They can be vacuumed with a regular vacuum with a beater bar. Like any flooring material, spills should be wiped up as soon as possible and treated properly. For a natural fiber stain removal chart, click here.

clip-image005-thumb.jpgMost natural fiber floor coverings are very durable and will wear as well as or better than conventional carpeting as long as they are properly maintained. Many are rated for commercial use!

Warning: If your sisal carpet or area rug stand between you and your coffee pot in the morning, you may want to invest in slippers. Part of the beauty of sisal is its texture. That comes with a price. This is not a product that is soft and soothing under your feet. Although some say your feet will get used to the texture in a few days.

There are sisal and seagrass carpet alternatives that have a similar look that is more comfortable underfoot.

clip-image007-thumb.jpgAnother great reason to choose a natural fiber rug is that they are eco- friendly and sustainable. These products are 100% bio degradable and made from real grasses making them an earth friendly choice you can feel good about making.

So, go to your local floorcovering store [like Americarpet] and check out some samples of natural fiber floorcoverings and see if there is one that is right for your home’s style or lifestyle.

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