Friday, February 5, 2010

Terracotta Ceramic Tiles

The rustic, earthy look of terracotta ceramic tiles brings a traditional European flavor to the design scheme of your home. Used as floor and wall coverings for centuries, the timeless appeal of terracotta ceramic tiles makes it as popular today as when used by households of times past. Terracotta means baked earth in Italian and when installed correctly, terracotta ceramic tiles should wear beautifully for the life of the home.

When selecting terracotta ceramic tiles, choose them in sizes proportionate to the size of the room for which they will be installed. Large tiles complement big, airy rooms and smaller-sized tiles lend intimacy and warmth to small areas.

Matte, satin, and gloss-type glazes give terracotta ceramic tiles a variety of looks. Depending upon the use, each of these finishes lends a distinctive air to home decor. Keep in mind that the rougher the texture, as in matte-glazed tiles, the higher the difficulty in removing dirt. Although the rugged appearance may be appealing, when grime becomes deeply embedded in terracotta ceramic tiles, the difficulty in cleaning it rises considerably.

Because some people prefer the look of no glaze at all, unglazed terracotta ceramic tiles can be used in a number of applications. In these instances, a clear sealant should be used to protect against water permeation. Sealants dry to an invisible state, so don't be concerned about taking away from the natural, unglazed look of this type of unfinished terracotta ceramic tiles.

Made from natural clays, terracotta ceramic tiles vary in size, texture, and color tones. Rather than providing a formal look, this mixture of characteristics lends much better results in casual settings. Perfectly suited to the relaxed atmosphere of most baths, kitchens, and family rooms, terracotta ceramic tiles add durability and relaxed chic.

One of the interesting characteristics of terracotta ceramic tiles lies in its temperature perceptions. Unlike many other types of ceramic tile, terracotta appears cool and refreshing in the heat of a summer day. In winter, the same terracotta ceramic tiles emit a warm, cozy feeling desired by most during that time of the year.

Pool terracotta paving

So keep terracotta ceramic tiles in mind the next time you consider new flooring or wall coverings. This tile reigns as a classic and continues to be a favorite through years of style trends and decorator fads. You can't go wrong with terracotta ceramic tiles.

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