Thursday, February 25, 2010

How To Remove Scuff Marks From Vinyl Flooring


I have vinyl flooring in my kitchen and I have put plastic tips on my wooden chairs.

The problem is there are black marks where the chairs are moved back and forth. How can I get rid of this problem? Is it best to have no tips on the chairs or what? I have tried to put felt tips on the end of the chair, but that only last a little while and they come off. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks.


Thanks for your question. To remove the black marks, rub each mark with a rubber eraser. If that doesn’t work, try mixing a small amount of baking powder and water. Rub the mixture on the scuff marks with a clean, dry, white cloth. Another solution that may work is rubbing non gel toothpaste on the marks with a clean, dry, white cloth.

Although felt is recommended, an alternative to the black plastic protectors, you can try non-pigmented plastic protectors.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Terracotta Ceramic Tiles

The rustic, earthy look of terracotta ceramic tiles brings a traditional European flavor to the design scheme of your home. Used as floor and wall coverings for centuries, the timeless appeal of terracotta ceramic tiles makes it as popular today as when used by households of times past. Terracotta means baked earth in Italian and when installed correctly, terracotta ceramic tiles should wear beautifully for the life of the home.

When selecting terracotta ceramic tiles, choose them in sizes proportionate to the size of the room for which they will be installed. Large tiles complement big, airy rooms and smaller-sized tiles lend intimacy and warmth to small areas.

Matte, satin, and gloss-type glazes give terracotta ceramic tiles a variety of looks. Depending upon the use, each of these finishes lends a distinctive air to home decor. Keep in mind that the rougher the texture, as in matte-glazed tiles, the higher the difficulty in removing dirt. Although the rugged appearance may be appealing, when grime becomes deeply embedded in terracotta ceramic tiles, the difficulty in cleaning it rises considerably.

Because some people prefer the look of no glaze at all, unglazed terracotta ceramic tiles can be used in a number of applications. In these instances, a clear sealant should be used to protect against water permeation. Sealants dry to an invisible state, so don't be concerned about taking away from the natural, unglazed look of this type of unfinished terracotta ceramic tiles.

Made from natural clays, terracotta ceramic tiles vary in size, texture, and color tones. Rather than providing a formal look, this mixture of characteristics lends much better results in casual settings. Perfectly suited to the relaxed atmosphere of most baths, kitchens, and family rooms, terracotta ceramic tiles add durability and relaxed chic.

One of the interesting characteristics of terracotta ceramic tiles lies in its temperature perceptions. Unlike many other types of ceramic tile, terracotta appears cool and refreshing in the heat of a summer day. In winter, the same terracotta ceramic tiles emit a warm, cozy feeling desired by most during that time of the year.

Pool terracotta paving

So keep terracotta ceramic tiles in mind the next time you consider new flooring or wall coverings. This tile reigns as a classic and continues to be a favorite through years of style trends and decorator fads. You can't go wrong with terracotta ceramic tiles.

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Non Slip Coating

Non Slip Coating

Have you been interested in non slip coating for the floor in your garage or workshop, but don’t know what to use? We will help you make a choice. There are a variety of non slip coatings available on the market today. We will discuss and compare the more popular alternatives so you can pick which one is best for your unique situation.


One well known brand in particular that is made from polyurethane is Durabak. It is an anti-slip floor coating that bonds to a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, metal, fiberglass, etc. it is used in industrial shops, helicopter pads, marine boats, and even as a truck bed liner. It is sold in gallons and costs from $90 to $140 each, depending on the color you want.

The total price for materials can be figured by calculating the price of $1.15 per square foot. That’s what the average cost is to cover a floor with Durabak brand polyurethane coatings. It can be brushed or rolled on. It comes in all colors and has a very rough surface making it impossible to slip on.

Epoxy Non-slip Paint

Epoxy non slip coatings for floors come in kits with resin, hardener and aggregate. They come premixed and they even have spray on aerosol cans available. They are perfect for concrete wood and metal. These types of coating usually don’t require any primer and only minimal surface preparation.

Brush or roll on products cost about $90 a gallon on the high end and as low as $45 on the low side. One gallon covers about 100 square feet. Brush on and roll on epoxy non slip paints are the most popular anti-slip coatings used on concrete floorings.

If you have concrete, like most people, in your garage or work area, you are going to want to find some type of epoxy floor paint with non slip qualities. It is less expensive than using polyurethane, but doesn’t provide as thick of a coverage. It has a surface that is not as rough as polyurethane coatings provide. It is much more popular for use on concrete floors because it is easy to use and not too expensive.


This is a commercial coating that can be used on concrete, ceramic tile, quarry tile and terrazzo. If your floor is made of a tile that you don’t want to cover with a solid color and change the look, this may be the best option for you. Tight-grip is made with a trade secret chemical compound.

It works by increasing friction on the surface. When your foot applies pressure, it acts like several little suction cups that you cannot see. They say it increases traction on wet surfaces by 62%.The prices are not readily available on their website, but there is a number you can call for prices and other information. The number to call, regarding Tight-Grip, is 714-936-4543.


There is a huge variety of anti-slip solutions available. The three above examples represent the most effective solutions for floors in your garage or workshop. The first two are the most recommended and we do not know enough about the Tight-grip product to recommend it strongly, but it may be worth looking into. Epoxy non slip floor paints are perhaps the most widely used and probably the best economical solution for most situations.

If you have a concrete floor, epoxy anti-slip paint is going to be right up your alley. However, if you happen to have a tile floor in your work area, you are going to want to try something more like Tight-Grip. That is why we mentioned it here, because some of you may not wish to alter the look of your tiled floor by painting over it with an epoxy or polyurethane coating. Whatever solution you choose for your garage or workshop, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions to the tee when applying. Good luck installing your non slip floor coatings and don’t work too hard!

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