Friday, January 22, 2010

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Homeowners are discovering that reclaimed wood flooring - antique flooring, often hardwood - harvested from a variety of sources, makes an ideal way to turn a so-so floor into a near work of art. Prized for its beauty, stability, and tight-grained durability, the demand for reclaimed antique flooring runs high.

Sources for this wonderfully salvageable flooring material are:

  • barns
  • railroad trestles
  • old warehouses
  • office buildings soon to be razed
  • older homes scheduled for the wrecking ball

You can track down about-to-be destroyed buildings yourself, or you can find a host of online reclaimed wood flooring dealers with a click of the mouse.

Woods used for reclaimed flooring include soft woods such as Douglas fir, Southern yellow pine, heart pine, and hardwood including oak, chestnut, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and more. Even logs rescued from lakes and rivers gets dried out, sawn, treated, and reclaimed to wind up as elegant antique flooring in some of the finest homes.

Wood flooring has proven itself to be a superior product for covering floors. Properly installed and maintained, wood floors last indefinitely. Studies have also shown that wood floors are more resilient than many other types of flooring and thus less tiring to the feet for people needing to stand on them for long periods of time.

Another benefit to wood flooring is its thermal insulation value - sixteen times superior to concrete and four hundred times better than steel. Yet another positive characteristic of wood flooring is it's ability to be re-sanded and refinished - leaving the homeowner with a new-looking surface for a minimal cost compared to re-flooring a room with some other material. Asthmatics and other people with respiratory problems and allergies find wood floors to be far less dusty, alleviating many lung, nasal, and sinus-congestion miseries.

Reclaimed wood flooring can even be considered better than new wood flooring. After a tree has been felled, the wood immediately begins to lose moisture. As wood ages, or seasons, it becomes lighter, stronger, and harder. Wood that has been seasoned for many years is just that much lighter, stronger, and harder than wood that has just been recently cut.

So check out the listings for reclaimed wood flooring in your favorite online search engine. You'll not only be doing your part for recycling, you'll be getting a better product in the long run, as well!

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