Friday, September 25, 2009

Types of Stone Flooring

Types of Stones Used On Floors

Stone includes any quarried rock such as granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, marble or flagstone. Each of these natural stone choices may be glazed or unglazed.

Some of the most popular stone options are:

marble floor, marble flooring Marble Flooring

Many people don't realize that marble is actually softer than tile.
It is often considered the highest in its class, and has natural "marbled" beauty. Marble, as well as Travertine, is natural sedimentary rock belonging to the limestone family (calcium carbonate). If marble is covered with a stain resistant sealer, it may last for up to 10 years before resealing. As with most floors, its lifetime is measured in decades, not years.

Travertine Flooring
Travertine, sometimes considered to be one step down from marble, does have a couple of drawbacks. It is slippery when wet and it also prone to damage from acid-based products. Yet it is a beautiful product. If it is polished and sealed properly, it can be quite durable.

Limestone Flooring
Limestone is a fabulous floor product with variety in design and low maintenance besides. It cleans up with water and resists staining. Like most of the stone choices, it has fossil like veining which adds texture to its looks.

Slate Flooring is slip resistant.

Sandstone has also gained quite a following.

granite flooring, stone floor granite Granite is an extremely hard, durable surface also
very popular as a choice for counter tops.

Stone flooring will add beauty and value to your home. Many of the options come in a shiny, matte or textured finish. If you can find your materials locally, you will save a bundle on shipping charges, and reduce fuel emissions as well.

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